AUTO-VOX V5PRO Stream Media Rear View Mirror Camera

9.35'' Full Laminated Ultrathin Touch Screen Rear View Mirror Camera with OEM Look

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No Glare, Crystal Image: V5PRO utilizes the full laminated screen to ensure a crystal image without glare even under the intense sunlight. The IMX307 sensor help to restrain the high beam lights to avoid the dazzling situation. A good performance for driving safety at day and night.


No Delay Stream Media Dash Cam: The Stream media technology transmits a full 1080P footage without delay, record the license plate and all crashes clearly. 9.35-inch full screen improves roughly four times greater field of vision than a traditional rearview mirror. Improve your driving experience.


7/24 Parking Monitoring: No car charger and hard wire kit required, V5PRO is directly connected to the car fuse box(ACC) for constant power. Both camera record video automatically once it detects the collision, and dash cam turns off after locking a 30-second footage to avoid draining car battery. Save evidence to protect your interest.


More Rear View Zone for Parking Safety: The rearview images show with guidelines automatically when you shift into reverse, you can slide down to lowers the rearview angle to have a closer backup image while parking. 150 degrees view angle rear camera ensures you a more than adequate view of what’s behind your car. Eliminate all blind spots to making parking much easier.


OEM Look Rear View Mirror Camera: V5PRO can replace your original mirror completely without any damage, bring you a clean and tidy car environment, no worry about the complicated wiring to upste you. However, V5PRO not fit for the car which original mirror bracket is covered by the large plastic base housing.


More Automatic Start Function: The monitor can be auto-activated to start recording when the car starts, auto-off after locking the emergency video. what's more, the can automatically tilt down the angle when reversing. Guidelines are also adjustable by swiping up and down, More convenient to operate and setup.


Good Service: Free Shipping,30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty. 24 hours after-sales service ( Professional technician team is available via our service email.


Available countries: US、CA、UK、JP


* This product is only available for the US market right now

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  • Screen Size: 9.35 inch

  • Image Sensor: SONY IMX307

  • Camera Type: Front + Rear

  • Video Resolution: 1080P/720P+1080P

  • View Angle (Diagonal): 145°+150°

  • Full Lamination Screen: Yes

  • Wifi: NO

  • GPS Tracking: Yes

  • Adjustable Parking Line: Yes

  • Streaming Media: Yes

  • Technology: Yes

  • Monitor Installation: Rear View Mirror with OEM Bracket


  $309.99 $209.99 $139.99 $149.99
Name V5PRO V5 AD1 AD2
Image sensor SONY IMX307 SONY IMX307 SONY IMX307 SONY IMX307
Screen size 9.35 inch 9.35 inch 2.0 inch 2.0 inch
Camera Type Front + Rear Front + Rear Front + Cabin Inside Front + Cabin Inside
Video resolution 1080P/720P+1080P 1080P/720P+1080P Dual 1080P Dual 1080P
View Angle (Diagonal) 145+150 145+150 170+150 170+150
Full Lamination Screen - -
Split-screen display - -
GPS Tracking
Monitor Installation OEM Bracket Strap Double-sided adhesive Double-sided adhesive
Power mode Connect to fuse box directly Car charger Car charger Car charger


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    Q: Is the backup camera cable long enough for a pickup with 8 foot bed quad cab?

    A: Yes, it can fit your car. and you can contact our after-sale service, we will send you an extension cable for free. 

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    Q: What FPS does it record at?

    A: Dear Customer, The front camera is 1080P@30fps, the rear camera is 1080P@25fps, kindly noted. 

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    Q: Are both the front and rear cameras recording at 1080P? Or is the rear camera recording at a lower resolution?

    A:The front and rear camera record 1080P video at the same time, kindly noted. 

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    Q: Can this fit a 2006 Scion XB or does it need a special adapter to replace the original?

    A: Yes, V5PRO can work with your car perfectly, kindly noted. 

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    Q: Is there a feature or button to start recording without there being a collision?

    A: Yes, you can touch the 'Lock" button on the screen to record or lock the video clips you wanted. 

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    Q: Is the video cable to camera a 4 pin or 5 pin connection? I need to buy an extension for my pickup.

    A: It is 4-pin connector, and you can contact our after-sale service, they will send you the right one. 

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    Q: Can i get this to work in a 2022 peterbilt 579 ultraloft? i'd love this for my truck.

    A: Generally, there are 3 different adapters in the package, which can make V5PRR suitable for different cars. As for your car model, can you help to send us a picture of the basement for your original rearview mirror for further confirmation? 


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