AUTO-VOX W7Pro Wireless Back Up Camera for Truck, RV

720P Wireless Backup Camera with 5 inch Monitor Supports 2 Cameras. Rear View Camera for Driving and Parking Safety. The Best Companion for Car, RVs, Trucks, Trailers, 5th Wheels.

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  • Device designation: Backup camera kit
  • Operating temperature: -20℃ to +65℃
  • Storage temperature: -30℃ to +80℃
  • Transmission range: max. 100 meters in open range
  • Monitor:

  • Diagonal screen size: 5.0”/12.4 cm
  • Dimensions: approx. 120x80x20 mm(l * w *h mm)
  • Technology: LCD color display
  • Power supply: 12V(volt) direct current
  • Camera:

  • View angle: 110°
  • Color sensor: 1/3 inch color Cmos Senser, 5 glass lens
  • Exposure: automatic
  • White fader: automatic
  • Camera tilt: Variable adjustment angle to approx. 30°
  • Power supply: 12V(volt) direct current
  • IP Class(Protection type): IP68 waterproof
  • Minimum illumination: 0.1Lux


  $149.99 $139.99 $119.99 $154.99 $169.99
Name W7PRO T2 CS2 T1400U S4
Wireless -
OEM Style - - -
Monitor Insatllation Dashborad or Windshield Rear view mirror Dashborad or Windshield Rear view mirror Dashborad or Windshield
Signal Digital Analog Digital Analog Digital
Monitor 5'' TFT 4.3'' LCD 4.3" TFT 4.3'' LCD 5'' TFT
Wide Angle 110 >110 110 >110 110
Night vision Normal Better Normal Better Better
Auto-adjust brightness - - -
Support 2 Channel - - -


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    Q: what are the dimensions of the screen?

    A: It is 5 inches 

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    Q: Can this unit be wired into taillight as a rear view mirror so it is on all the time, not just backing up?

    A: Yes, it can. 

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    Q: How is the camera powered?

    A: The monitor is powered by your cig lighter through the car charger, the rear camera connect to your reverse light. 

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    Q: How easy is the installation? Will it work on a small car?

    A: Hello, you don' t need run the wiring through all your car body, just need connect the camera to your reverse light. 
    It can work on a small car. 

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    Q: How do i switch it from mirror mode?

    A: Press the M button to access to the menu mode, the display will show the menu settings, then you can choose the mirror image or normal image. 

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    Q: Do you have a version with a camera that has a field of view between 150 degrees and 170 degrees?

    A: Dear customer, 
    We don't have a version with the wide angle 150 degrees and 170 degrees. 
    110 degree is a suitable angle, because the bigger the camera angle is, the more image distortion you get. 

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    Q: Can it be installed in a pick up truck?

    A: Dear customer ,yes ,it can fit for most car models in the market,including pick up truck. 


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