AUTO-VOX Magnetic Mount for Solar1Pro Camera Only

Easy Hitching Horse Boat Travel Trailer/RV/Camper/Tractor/New Truck Reverse


Available On US

【Work with Solar1Pro only】The magnetic base is only suitable for Solar1Pro backup camera, can't fit any other models, like Solar1, TW1.


【Super Magnetic Power】No matter whether it's sudden braking, bumpy road, or bad weather, the magnetic base will remain 100% stable and won't fall off.


【Magnetic Design】Equipped with 2 strong magnets, the camera can instantly be attached to any metal surface via the magnetic base.


【Easier, More Flexible, More Convenient】You can freely change the installation position of the camera according to your needs and flexibly transfer it to different vehicles.

* This product is only available for the US market right now

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